Season Ticket Member Benefits

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Core Benefits Platinum Gold Orange Purple
Same great seat for each game X X X X
3-Month and 6-Month Interest-Free Payment Plans X X X X
20% Team Store Discount X X X X
First-Round Playoff Ticket X X X X
2 Ticket Vouchers For Select Games   X X X
2 Ticket Vouchers For Any Regular Season Home Game X      
Access to Purchase playoff tickets before public on-sale X X X X
Season Ticket Member Additional Pricing X X X X
Access to Early Bird Perks X X X X


Convenience Platinum Gold Orange Purple
Flexible Ticket Exchange X X X X
Personal Account Executive X X X X
Ticket Resell Platform X X X X


Premium Experience Platinum Gold Orange Purple
Coat Check X      
VIP Entrance and Lounge Access X      
Designated Washrooms X      
Phone Charging Station X