Curt Styres - Owner/GM

John Catalano - President & CEO

Tracy Johnson - Vice President Team Operations

Avery Light - Vice President Marketing and Corporate Partnerships

Email: [email protected]

University/degree: St. John Fisher College. BS, Sports Management and Marketing.

Sports idol(s) as a youth: Pat Summit, Candace Parker

What you love most about working for the Thunderbirds: Working as a team. Everday is different filled with new and exciting challenges that we have to tackle together.

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: Zoologist 

First job/your age: Youth commision basketball referree/ 13

Favorite Quote: "Who you are is defined by what you're willing to struggle for" Mark Manson

Proudest professional accomplishment: Having an integral role in building a franchise from the ground floor.

Sports played growing up: Basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball. 

Favourite music artists: Volbeat, Metallica, The Killers, Queen, Maren Morris

Favourite show(s): The Office, Rick and Morty

Favourite author: Mark Manson

Favourite sports teams: Buffalo Bills, Detroit Pistons

What or who are you a closet fan of: Coldplay

If you could have any super power what would you choose? Psychokinesis

Favorite vacation spot: Buena Vista, Colorado 

Who was your role model/who motivated you: My parents and my aunt 

Celebrity look alike? Becca Tilley?

Kyle Jackson - Director of Lacrosse Development & Promotions

Email: [email protected]

Hometown: Sarnia, Ontario
University/year/degree: The University of Michigan/2016/Bachelor degree
Sports idol(s) as a youth: Doug Gilmore
What you love most about working for the Thunderbirds: Being able to work in the city that I can now call home
As a child, you dreamed of becoming: A Pro Lacrosse Player
First job/your age: Laying Pavers/13
Favourite Quote: “Failure is a prerequisite for great success. If you want to succeed faster, double your rate of failure.” – Brian Tracy
Proudest professional accomplishment: Being able to go to work with the greatest lacrosse players in the world & learning from them about what it takes to be a great husband, father and friend.
Favourite charities/charitable causes: Special Olympics
Sports played growing up: Badminton, Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Track&Field, Volleyball, Basketball
Favourite music artists: Bryce Vine
Favourite movie: Mighty Ducks
Favourite book or author: Bob Probert
Favorite pro/college sports teams: The University of Michigan/Anaheim Ducks
Favorite recreational activities/hobbies: Tennis, Watching movies
What or who are you a closet fan of: My Parents
If you could have any super power what would you choose? Speed
Favorite vacation spot: St.Lucia
Who was your role model/who motivated you: My Parents

Reilly Simmonds - Director, Ticket Operations

Email - [email protected]

Hometown: Port Moody, British Columbia

University/degree: Brock University

Sports idol(s) as a youth: Joe Sakic

What you love most about working for the Thunderbirds: Getting the city excited about a new franchise and meeting people in a new city.

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: Professional Baseball Player

First job/your age: Ticket Taker at Vancouver Canadians Baseball – Age 15

Favourite Quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Marianne Williamson

Proudest professional accomplishment: Accepting this job and moving to Halifax to help build a franchise

Favourite charities/charitable causes: Environmental Causes, Cleaning up the ocean

Sports played growing up: Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball

Favourite music artists: Thomas Rhett

Favourite movie: Blood Diamond

Favourite book or author: Harry Potter Series or Joyland by Stephen King

Favourite sports teams: Vancouver Canucks, Seattle Mariners

Favourite recreational activities/hobbies: Bouldering/ Climbing, Hiking

What or who are you a closet fan of: Demi Lovato

If you could have any super power what would you choose? Flight

Favourite vacation spot: Banff National Park

Who was your role model/who motivated you: Parents

Celebrity look alike? Michael Cera maybe?  

Tyson Geick - Communications Manager

Email - [email protected]

University/degree: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology - Queens University. Master of Science in Broadcast Journalism - Quinnipiac University

Sports idol(s) as a youth: Mike Peca, Steve Yzerman

What you love most about working for the Thunderbirds: The city of Halifax and their passion for their home teams.

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: A sports broadcaster/professional general manager.

First job/your age: Stars Hockey Camp Counselor, 16.

Favourite Quote: "Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor." - Alexis Carrel.

Proudest professional accomplishment: Winning the Tom Borrelli Award as the NLL's Media Person of the Year in 2019.

Sports played growing up: Hockey & Lacrosse.

Favourite music artists: Queen, The Rolling Stones & Kendrick Lamar.

Favourite show(s): The Walking Dead, Friday Night Lights, Dateline NBC.

Favourite book or author: Mark Manson.

Favourite sports teams: Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Raptors.

What or who are you a closet fan of: The Bachelor (TV Show).

If you could have any superpower what would you choose? It wouldn't make sense to say anything but move at the speed of light (The Flash).

Favourite vacation spot: Japan. Anywhere in Japan.

Who was your role model/who motivated you: My Mom, Christina.

Celebrity look alike? Tom Hardy.

Josh Mahar - Account Executive

Email: [email protected]

Education: The Mount Saint Vincent University, 2021, Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

Sports idol as a kid: Steve Yzerman

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: Firefighter

First job/your age: Skate Patrol, Age 15

Sports played growing up: Lacrosse, Football

Favourite music artists: Morgan Wallen and Riley Green

Favourite movie: The Fast and the Furious

Favourite book: Offside: My Life Crossing the Line by Michael McKinley and Sean Avery

Favorite pro/college sports teams: Toronto Maple Leafs

What or who are you a closet fan of: Romantic Comedies 

If you could have any super power what would you choose? Time Travel


Piper Atwood - Account Executive

Email: [email protected]

Hometown: Cole Harbour, NS

How long you have been dancing: Since I was 2

Favourite types of dance: Hip Hop and Contemporary 

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: Being a backup dancer for Michael Jackson 

First job/your age: teaching dance at age 16

Proudest professional accomplishment: Winning Senior Miss Titled Soloist Nova Scotia and dancing on broadway in NYC 

Favourite charities/charitable causes: Canadian Cancer Society

Favourite music artists: Post Malone  

Favourite movie: The Lion King 

Favorite pro/college sports teams: Montreal Canadians

Favorite vacation spot: Italy 

Torrye Keen - Account Executive

Email - [email protected]

Hometown: Halifax

University/degree: Honours degree in Psychology at Saint Mary's University 

What you love most about working for the Thunderbirds:  The connection to the community of Halifax. 

First job/your age: Selling cosmetics at Shoppers Drug Mart. 16 years old.

Favourite Quote: "Fortune favors the bold"

Proudest professional accomplishment: Presenting my Thesis at The Annual Psychology Conference at Saint Mary's University, and contributing to an academic journal publication. 

Favourite charities/charitable causes: Shelter Movers and Circles of Support.

Sports played growing up: Soccer and Volleyball 

Favourite music artists: Red Hot Chillie Peppers and Lana Del Rey

Favourite movie: Columbiana and Pulp Fiction

Favourite book or author: Without Conscience by Dr. Hare

Favourite recreational activities/hobbies: Yoga and Meditation 

If you could have any superpower what would you choose? Teleportation  

Favourite vacation spot: Barbados

Who was your role model/who motivated you:  Karen Horney- An influential neo-Freudian psychologist known for her take on feminine psychology.