Q and Eh? with Nonkon Thompson

Apr 9, 2020

Best teammate to follow on social media?

Jake Withers


Best dancer in the locker room?

Me lol


What is your favourite food?

Steak n eggs


If you could own any sports team what team would it be?

New York Yankees

Who is your celebrity crush?

Blake Lively


What is your go to meal?

egg cheese n avocado on toast


Who was your idol growing up?

Lyle Thompson


What are you watching on Netflix currently?

The Office


What is your go to side for Thanksgiving dinner?

Would be stuffing


What is the latest movie you’ve seen?

6 Underground


What is your favourite movie?



What is your favourite restaurant in Halifax?

Five Fishermen


What is the best thing you’ve eaten in Halifax?

Definitely the seafood chowder


What was your favourite cartoon to watch as a kid?



What is your favourite professional team?

New York Yankees

Coffee or tea?

Coffee 100%


What is one place you want to travel to?



What is your favourite vacation spot?



What teammate would you want to be stuck on a deserted island with?

Jake Withers


Would you rather Facetime or text?



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