Free Agency Has Commenced

Aug 1, 2020

The start of the Free Agency period evokes a renewed sense of excitement for NLL fans, players, and teams, as each club fills out its roster and refines its needs heading into the Entry Draft (Draft date TBD).  Phone lines are buzzing with offers and counter-offers, text messages are dinging, and email inboxes are filling with formal proposals and signed contracts. Since the NLL is in the offseason, the Free Agency period gives us play-by-play action and gets us excited about what’s to come.

Starting on August 1st, players may speak with and sign with other teams. Those who have met the requirements of an Unrestricted Free Agent (30 years old or older and six or more seasons played) may freely sign with any team subject to the Franchise Designation.  Each team may use one Franchise Designation at a time, which for players under 34 years old, prevents an Unrestricted Free Agent from signing elsewhere in exchange for the maximum salary total. Players 34 and older may reject the Franchise Designation at their option.

Restricted Free Agents may reach an agreement with another team; however, their previous team will have the opportunity to match the agreement to retain the player. To qualify for Restricted Free Agency, a player must have played in at least three seasons and 23 total games.

Teams retain the rights to players who have not attained either of these qualifications. Trades remain open during this time.

Buckle up as the Free Agency period is going to be a wild ride!

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