Fan Friday - Jessi Puddifant

Jun 28, 2024

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Are you a current Season Ticket Member?



How Long have you been a Thunderbirds Season Ticket Member?

2 Years


What got you interested in Lacrosse/Thunderbirds?

Lacrosse is my favourite sport, and I’m so excited we have a pro team here in Halifax now!


Who is your favourite Thunderbirds player?

Tyson Bell


What is your favourite part of going to Thunderbirds games?

By far my favourite part is the huddle at the end of the game, and then the players running around thanking the fans. It’s absolutely amazing.


What is your favourite Thunderbirds memory?

My son was the little boy on the promotion flyer/on the website for the family season tickets for the inaugural season! A close second would be the recent home game (March 16) he had a poster that said “it’s my birthday” and not only did he get out on the big screen, but players were stopping throughout the game to say happy birthday!


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