Meet DJ Scout!

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Twitter: @deejayscout

Instagram: @deejayscout

Facebook: thescoutmaster


Hometown: Fredericton, NB

Sports idol(s) as a youth: Eric Koston, professional skateboarder

What you love most about working for the Thunderbirds: The respect i see with everyone from the top to the  bottom of the organization

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: Professional Skateboarder

First job/your age: Paper route, 10

Favourite Quote:  "A Scout's goal isn't to defend one side side over the other. It's to go out, survery the territory, and come back with as accurate a map as possible. Regardless of what they hope to be the case, above all, the scout wants to know what's actually true. " Julia Galef, The scout mindset"

Proudest professional accomplishment:   My role as Production Manager at the Future Forest Electronic Music & Arts Festival.  The incredible team has created magic and I am a better human becuase of them.                                                                                                                  

Favourite charities/charitable causes:  Special Olympics NS, NSSPCA, 

Sports played growing up: Skateboarding and Snowboarding

Favourite music artists:  This is an ever evolving and changing list, where no artist, song, or style can stand alone at the top. 

Favourite movie: The Muppet Movie

Favourite book or author: Celestine Prophecy 

Favourite sports teams: Mooseheads! Thunderbirds! The Raptors, Canucks, Canadians, and my son Lyrik's team the Dartmouth Whalers Bantam Sharks

Favourite recreational activities/hobbies: Making, mixing, and listening to music, Hiking with my dogs (Instagram @athenya_experience), anything board related, video and board games of all sorts, 

What or who are you a closet fan of: I look up to Paul Murphy, Skratch Bastid, the most. He is a Halifax based turntable wizard, producer, and crowd pleasing DJ, that has become a world wide celebrity and brand. 

If you could have any super power what would you choose? Flying

Favourite vacation spot: Costa Rica

Who was your role model/who motivated you: I am motivated by my son and his incredible mind, which motivates me to be his motivation and inspiration. 

Celebrity look alike? Moby :/ and Alex Auld